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 Post subject: Re: Site Changes
PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 7:31 am 

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I don't often disagree with W2 but I don't think merging sites would be a good idea and, I imagine, it's outside the remit of what's being considered here. I agree that is an entirely lost opportunity - earlier iterations of it were superior and promised features have never materialised, so it's truly stuck in reverse. As for Roxy's site, it's so utterly built around the debut album it's hard to see how anything they ever did later is ever going to feature. It's a crying shame. John's site has the virtue of being an independent fan site, free of interference (however well intended that might be) and long may that continue.

As others have said, I'd change very little - 'if it ain't broke' (and it most certainly isn't) and all that. I'd keep the forum - yes it's quiet at times (like now, understandably) but, the occasional fracas aside, it's a place for civilised discourse on all things BF/RM. You just don't get that on FB/Twitter, both of which are pretty toxic (social, sic, media) and far more open to nefarious interlopers than here.

The site is beautifully presented but, as with all things, I guess a fresh look would be good. I know that can be time-consuming and potentially expensive when there are as many pages to overhaul as VRM, but done well it's something that has an extraordinary shelf life - witness the number of changes to compared to VRM in its current form! Also, I recognise news is pretty sparse and there's no point posting for the sake of it, but maybe a few more updates on the homepage from time to time. I might be wrong but I think John has occasionally posted to the forum something that is worthy of the homepage (if only initially), although maybe that's just expediency?

This site has clearly always been a labour of love for John and, to a lesser extent, followers of VRM who recognise its unique contribution to the online RM experience and keep the forum alive, albeit occasionally on life support! So, I say, more of the same, please!

 Post subject: Re: Site Changes
PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 3:24 pm 

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I really like this site. It’s John’s stewardship of it and it’s knowledgeable and entertaining contributors that make it what it is.
I joined a Ferry /Roxy group on Facebook a few years ago . It was awful . I did not last long.
Not much needs to be changed, perhaps just the beige backdrop .

 Post subject: Re: Site Changes
PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 1:08 am 

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It would be great if BF really wanted to do something with his website and on-line presence - and J.O'B would be a great resource/person to help make that happen. But IMHO BF is not gonna change his stripes at this point in his career/life, so best not to expend any energy diving down that rabbit hole...

I think VRM is a good site as it is, but anything that J.O'B thinks would be nice to update is fine IMHO. Thank you J.O'B!!!

It's been a while since I last posted, but I still like listening to Roxy as well as band members solo recordings, especially while driving. Lately I unearthed a live radio broadcast cd of Roxy in Oakland, CA on April 4, 1979 and have been experiencing a tour that passed me by 41 years ago. Wow, the Manifesto tour - with TGPT nailing it all down - was very impressive. So much better than what I heard at a Siren tour gig in '75!

It would be nice if something interesting in the world of Roxy and BF happened so there would be something compelling to post about. but that seems unlikely sad to say. I guess that a "deluxe" version of FYP might appear one of these days, however, it would need to have something NEW attached to make it of much interest (at least to me). Or maybe an enlarged version of VIVA! with all kinds of new, high quality live recordings from the 73-74 era would be waaay cool. But I won't be holding my breath... I'll believe it when I hear it...


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