Deep Purple`s "Burn"
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Author:  le freak [ Sat Apr 05, 2014 4:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Deep Purple`s "Burn"

Yeah, really an album that went unnoticed by me in 1974 `cause it was overshadowed by Roxy. However, I remember a guy in school who sat beside me who was overwhelmed by this album at the time. However, nothing could rock my own preferences. In fact, I didn`t care `bout Deep Purple at all. These days I`ve started listening to them. The mark 2 era is a bit hard, I must say. The new line up that started with "Burn" is all fine with me. The thing is, many reviews on the net aren`t very spot on. I`ll try and help to this. They say Coverdale and Hughes brought in more funk. That`s true. However, to say that "Sail Away" is a calm and easy song can`t be right. It`s a medium tempo rocker! In fact, it`s not an easy song on the whole album! It starts with the title track. -Never liked it. Too much transportation phase noodling and weak "idea" (melody). Next is "Might Just Take Your Life". A really good one. One of the highlights of the album. Why? Well, it`s a medium tempo rocker. That seems to be doing it for me. It`s not that influenced by the 70s. It sounds like the band is still in the era of long hair, T-shirt and denim. Then comes "Lay Down, Stay Down". A fast rocker. I would say time hasn`t served it well. It suffers from the same young boy fascination with "faster, -louder!" as the title track. Then comes the above mentioned "Sail Away". Here we can hear an element of funk from the bass guitar. An OK song. Side 2 opens with "You Fool No One". A lot of funk. One could even think this came from a band of Africans. It`s OK. Then comes "What`s Going On Here". A "boogie" rythm. A fine song with some nice piano from Jon Lord. Then comes the masterpiece "Mistreated". A song that seems to be building up from just those two first wry chords. What a saga in 7 minutes! After a while you hear some Pink Floydish pumping organ just like on their "Echoes". The part that wins it all is Blackmore`s guitar bridge just before the tempo increases at the end of the song. -Phew. A real masterpiece. The album closes with an instrumental "A 200". This does nothing for me, apart from Blackmore`s guitar in the end.

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