Hello to You all from A New Fan in The U.S.A.!
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Author:  Roxy Ferry [ Thu Apr 10, 2014 1:04 am ]
Post subject:  Hello to You all from A New Fan in The U.S.A.!

Good Evening to You all! Please allow Me to introduce My Self.
My Name is Lori Furlow. I reside in The United States Of America in The State of Pennsylvania. My Occupation is very Working Class in The U.S.A. I work for The Government on The State Level as a Custodian. I was very vaguely aware of Roxy Music as a very Young person. I was also very much A Music Fan. My Primary Genres of Music that are My favorites are as follows.
1. Art-House Rock
2. Alternative Rock
3. Progressive Rock
4. New Wave/New Romantic Rock
5. Hard Rock/Heavy metal
6. Dance Club Music
It is such a unfortuneate Events of very bad timing from a Generational Stand-Point that I was not able to experience The full on force of Roxy Music's hey day and the force of This incredible band.
I was born just half to A Full Generation too late.
As I am a 44 Year old Woman Who will be 45 very soon.
My Journey and Education on You Tube for both Roxy music and Bryan Ferry Solo has been nothing but A " For My Pleasure " experience so to speak.
As A Hard-Core Duran Duran fan I jst knew I would grow to Love Roxy Music just as much! As Roxy Music was One Major Band/Group among a short List of very influencial and Ancestoral Bands of Duran Duran.
Although as of late it has been Bryan Ferry Who has managed to capture My attention. What can I type Here that has not already been discussed Add Nauseam about what a True Artist that He Genuinely is? Educating My Self as much as possible about Him as a musician and as a person has been a study wothwhile.
A more committed and driven Artist with courage i have never known.
I find it very Heart-Breaking to A large extent that niether Roxy Music, nor Bryan Ferry Solo never became huge Music Stars in The U.S.A. I also include the various other band Members in this as well. Alas It pains Me and breaks My Heart to admit that My own nation is essentially for the most part culturally bankrupt.
the Masses in America just cannot appreciate or understand Artists on this level of excellence.
I have been A lurker Here for around 3 or so Years.
I have decided to De-Cloak My Self now and test the waters.
Just be patient with Me. I know I can be a Good Member Here.
With regards,Lori.

Author:  Lonely Dreamer [ Thu Apr 10, 2014 7:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hello to You all from A New Fan in The U.S.A.!

Hey Lori,

welcome to the club! I'm quite a newbie here myself. Did you already have the chance to see Bryan Ferry live on his current tour?

I'm about the same age as you, 46 now, and I can relate to what you say. I discovered the early Roxy Music albums when I was fourteen and everybody in my class thought I was insane to listen to this weird music - so, obviously, we were born a little too late. But hey, who cares?

Greetings from the north of Germany,


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Author: [ Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Hello to You all from A New Fan in The U.S.A.!

Welcome Lori and I am sure we all look forward to more posts from you.


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