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 Post subject: Chris Spedding
PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2023 3:57 pm 

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Back to NJ tonight to see Chris Spedding again after a blistering show earlier this week. This short tour was the first time I saw him as the front man and boy was he great. I have seen him with Roxy a few times and several times with BF solo tours. Always wondered why BF did not allow Sped to be featured more, perhaps with songs that he was so prominent on early on, Love Me Madly Again, In your Mind, etc. BF usually gave him a acoustic spot on Tara with Jorja and maybe a solo slide spot on a Dylan cover but that was usually the extent of it. He was always just strumming simple chords as the young guns, Quist, Ollie, etc. took every lead. I understand why he would not get many leads with Roxy and Phil being there but why not on BF tours? BF obviously continues to have him as part of his gang, so why not highlight this incredible talent? For those who are going tonight, enjoy !

 Post subject: Re: Chris Spedding
PostPosted: Sat Jan 28, 2023 9:03 pm 

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Mes Amis,
Great post from cp19538.
He poses some great questions. Some of which W2 has puzzled over from time to time.
Over the years, our hero has worked with some fine guitarists who have made significant contributions but, in W2’s opinion, ‘The Spedster’ is absolutely up there at the very top of the tree.
There is something about his tone, the timber of his sound together with his dexterity and capacity to handle anything that sets him apart.
On one tour, Ollie lacerated a finger with a beer bottle and Chris had to step up and handle the whole thing himself. He coped admirably and frankly nobody noticed there wasn’t a second guitar. Unbelievable or what ?
The best W2 has ever seen him play was on ‘The Frantic’ tour when he shared the guitar work with the late, great Mick Green. The two of them together were absolute dynamite and they seamlessly interchanged lead and rhythm.
As to why Ferry doesn’t give him more of the limelight, there may be a couple of reasons.
First off W2 thinks both Bryan and Chris are very generous towards young musicians.
Secondly and perhaps more importantly is Chris’ age. If Ferry has him on lead and anything goes wrong, he’s stuffed whereas if he has the young blood rehearsed on lead - something Chris could always cover anyway - he knows it would be much easier to call in a second guitarist on rhythm. As our heroes age W2 thinks they are ever mindful of backup.
In fact, if you look at the lineup for the recent Roxy tour, everybody , save Ferry - without who there wouldn’t be a show anyway - had a backup (including the drummer). It just make sense.
Other opinions from learned Ferryistas would be welcome.
In any event, viva Chis !

 Post subject: Re: Chris Spedding
PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2023 12:36 am 

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I'm a huge Spedding fan. I first saw him with the New York New Wave band the Necessaries in 1979, though i already owned a couple of his albums by that point. I also saw him numerous times with the late Robert Gordon. He did a solo show in in New York at the old club Trax on West 72nd Street that was recorded for his live album Friday the 13th,; glad to say I was there and I think I can be heard in the crowd, whooping for Busta Cherry Jones. I had seen him with John Cale and also of course with both Ferry and Roxy as well as numerous solo shows. The man is the epitome of cool.

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 Post subject: Re: Chris Spedding
PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2023 7:06 am 

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Mes amis!

Yes, there are only good things to say about Chris Spedding. No doubt he is my favourite guitar player that ever have been on stage with our hero. I also remember him well from Frantic tour which I caught up in Copenhagen. He was then, at least in my clouded memory, the sole guitar player. The final song was a great version of "I Thought".
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 Post subject: Re: Chris Spedding
PostPosted: Wed Feb 01, 2023 3:57 pm 

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Agree with everything said here. IMHO Speds best work with BF was on IYM, both on the album and particularly the tour. It's worth noting that on that tour Phil got draughted in to play rhythm to tighten the band up. So it's a role that is much needed in a young, under rehearsed band where the musicians aren't totally familiar with each other. Sped has done this many times with BF and on the RM 2001 tour and he does it really well. Like a lot of guitarists he can really do his own thing when he's not a part of someone else's band :D

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