Amanda Lear about Salvador Dali, Bryan Ferry an David Bowie
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Author:  Uwe [ Mon Dec 05, 2022 7:27 am ]
Post subject:  Amanda Lear about Salvador Dali, Bryan Ferry an David Bowie

Which is why you imagined Salvador Dalí as a painter and not as a model when you met him.

Exactly. That was after a fashion show by Paco Rabanne. Dalí asked if I was a model, I said: "No, we are professional colleagues." He said a woman could not be a painter. i hated him I went out to dinner with him the next day anyway and he was so charming - I loved him. This is how our 15-year relationship began.

To this day, there is speculation about exactly what this looks like. Amanda Lear is commonly referred to as the muse of the married Salvador Dalí. Her relationship with Roxy Music musician Bryan Ferry is clearer. After gracing the iconic cover of For Your Pleasure in 1973, the two were engaged for a while.

That record cover, on which you lead a panther on a leash, is still on shirts and posters today. They must have made a fortune doing it.

Do you know how much I got for it back then? 25 dollars!

For real? Hopefully Bryan Ferry's engagement ring was worth more...

(Laughs.) Through him I slipped into the world of musicians, got to know the Rolling Stones, Freddie Mercury, Elton John and David Bowie.

Amanda Lear 2022
The Lear in downtown Zurich. “Everything is so expensive here. I have to raise the prices for my paintings,” she jokes. Thomas Buchwalder
She has been in a relationship with Bowie for two years. He encourages her to take singing lessons. She got a record deal in Germany, where her first album was released in 1977, making her a disco queen. The record is sold 28 million times worldwide. When the disco wave died down, she moved to Milan, where Silvio Berlusconi discovered her as a TV presenter. She has lived there for ten years.

Here is the Link an the full interview (Germany) : ... nst-551573

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