Roxy Rock Wembley 23rd June 2001 - Sat 23rd Jun

Roxy Rock Wembley 23rd June 2001
23 June 2001

One year on from when Bryan played in his own back yard in Petworth, he was back in the Wembley Arena.

Initial reaction from John tonight, is that it was the best show of them all, and he has been to 5 out of 9 on this tour. This was because of the great feed back from the audience and a strong performance from the band.
The same 18 songs were performed, but we learned tonight that the reason Roxy are not playing If There Is Something, is because Paul Thompson has hurt his hand. So expect it to be restored to the set soon.

Kenny Jones, drummer of Small Faces and The Who was spotted at the gig tonight. He commented,? The band were fantastic?Phil Manzanera is sounding better than he ever did.? He also said that he had forgotten how good a drummer Paul Thompson is.

It was a slick, stylish and classy performance as ever. Bryan sported his now familiar silver jacket, but with matching trousers for part of the show. Sarah Brown chose black leather trousers and top for last night and tonight instead of the red flamenco style dress that she had been wearing.

The audience tonight, who were a cosmopolitan crowd, coming from such places as Holland, Italy, San Francisco and New Jersey and Australia, were among those really enjoying themselves. Bryan was egging everyone to come to the front to dance, but the space didn?t allow this to happen any more than it did last night.

Roxy Music are getting better and better as the tour goes on.

Re-make/Re-model, Street Life, Ladytron, While My Heart Is Still Beating, Out Of The Blue, A Song For Europe, My Only Love, Oh Yeah, In Every Dreamhome A Heartache, Tara, Both Ends Burning, Mother Of Pearl, Jealous Guy, Editions Of You, Virginia Plain, Love Is The Drug, Do The Strand, For Your Pleasure.

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