Tokyo: Re-make, Re-model and Refine - Mon 17th Sep

Tokyo: Re-make, Re-model and Refine
17 September 2001

Tokyo 7, 8 & 9th September 2001

Many thank -yous to Earl Grey writing us a review and to his friend Mr.Zen for translating it from Japanese.

Their first perfomance in Japan for these 18 years was, needless to say, fantastic. There were many foreign fans all the way from Korea, Hong Kong and other countries for this show at the venue because they only play the gig in Tokyo in the Far East.

Fortunately I could see all of the three concerts. On Day 1 their performances and the "response" of the audience were good. On Day 2....great. But on Day 3 both became much better than Day 2..... perfect!!

In fact, when Re-make/Re-model started, I became aware of some
of the audience,including me, wiping tears.....

Bryan, wearing refined costume as usual, seemed to be in good condition. His smooth vocal and the polished stage direction held us spellbound.

Phil's agressive guitar play on Ladytron was beyond our expectation,
while the delicacy of Andy's sax accompanied with Lucy's violin made
Tara very touching. But I emphasize that I realized again that Paul's powerful drumming is the true heart of the Roxy sound.

Also the other members left me a good impression.
Chris' solo on My Only Love was one of the highlight of the show. (And
he played electric sitar in In Every dreamhome A Heartache.

Lucy's solo on Out Of The Blue was as good as Eddie's original, and
gratified an old fan's enthusiasm. Colin showed his own talent on A
Song For Europe. His piano intro was very impressive.

Generally said, compared with the former Ferry's solo tour,
it seemed that they gave emphasis to the expression as a BAND.

To our regret, Sarah Brown was absent because of illness and the
number of dancing girls was reduced to 3. But on the whole, their stage performances were sufficiently gorgeous and satisfied the fans who had been waiting their reunion for long time.

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