Glasgow: Olivia's Fan review - Sat 29th Sep

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Glasgow: Olivia's Fan review
29 September 2001

Here are the impressions of the show from and 8 year old's perspective. Thank you very much to Olivia for taking the time to do this.

We got to the hotel and checked in and had lunch.
Then John and Mum took my brother and me to see if we could find Bryan Ferry and his gang rehearsing. We went to the stage area first, but he wasn't there so we went outside to see if we could catch them there. We missed them so we went indoors and heard them playing Avalon and Jealous Guy through the doors. We then went outside again. Bill and Phil arrived in a car and we waved at Bill, but he didn't wave back, he does know who we are because he took our pictures in Dublin. Then the big door opened and we saw Bryan coming out in a white taxi.
Bryan looked cool because he had all his hair sticking up and he was wearing huge glasses, and he looked funny as he passed by because he was looking down his nose. He waved at us and Collette yelped.

We then went back to our rooms to get ready. Before the show we were at the hotel bar and we saw Jocelyn, Johnny, Tom, Lindsay, Collete and Jane, M from New York, Pete from Chicago and lots more people, but I don't know all their names. We saw Iris and her husband and friend. It was cool seeing so many people that I knew. We played with Lauren who was going to her first show with her mum and dad.
Then it was time to go to the show.

Dominic (my brother) and I had fun listening to all the music.
Andy Mackay didnt seem very happy with Dance Away, because he looked liked a goldfish when he was singing, but at other times he was really enjoying himself.
Lucy and Julia were really doing themselves in as their hair was flying up and down, it was funny. I think Phil overdid it a bit on the guitar. In Ladytron, he was holding it up in the air and still playing it. I thought Zef was a bit sulky, but it looked like Bryan was having fun. When the crowd shouted Roxy, Roxy, Roxy, Bryan was encouraging the crowd, because he was waving his hands in the air. They couldn't get on with the encore songs while the crowd shouted, then Phil made a noise and the band got going again.
I loved the dancing girls when they came on, but there were only four this time. They didn't come on the stage in their french beret outfits, but they were being filmed back stage and their pictures were on the screen. I could see them dancing off the stage when I jumped up and down.
My favourite songs of the night were Virginia Plain, and Mother Of Pearl. I especially like Out Of The Blue because Lucy is so good at playing the violin. Oh Yeah was good but they played it even faster then ever, and Andy looked like a fish again but Colin looked like he enjoyed it as he really joins in with Oh Yeah. Dominic's favourite this time was the one with the flames in the background, which was Editions Of You.
Yannick was very good, way better than the other girl when she sang Avalon, but I like Enrico playing Avalon even better.

By Avalon I was really tired and I started to sit down because my legs were giving way, but I knew I had some favourites coming up next and so I tried to stay standing.

The show was better than the last Glasgow show, because the security people last time messed it all up, and the music was better this time too. This time everyone went straight to the front when the ripple of the curtain went, which I love because you get this non feeling breeze that's rippling it, then it goes straight and it ripples from the middle in two big waves and it makes me feel excited.

I hope sometime Roxy Music will come back together again.

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