Madrid 17th July 2002 - Wed 17th Jul

Madrid 17th July 2002 From a Spanish newspaper. Bryan Ferry recovered in the Count Duke of Madrid looking back on his performance here tonight, celebrated by the three thousand people who jammed the patio and who also applauded several versions of Dylan. " It's all to over now, baby blue " opened the spectacle, a sound of American rock that, no matter how hard it can surprise the sophisticated pop leader of Roxy Music, showed in this concert tonight, to a great extent thanks to a band that demonstrated that at the moment Ferry is not so in alone as in the absence of Roxy Music. In " Frantic " they appear unconventiomal musicians like tours of Roxy that they too can play next to Ferry, demonstrating how good they can sound as a rock band were: Paul Thompson on drums; Colin Wood on piano, Lucy Wilkins on violin and the keyboards and, mainly, the guitarist Chris Spedding, who next to Mick Green carried out several anthological duels. To them they added Mark Smith on bass, Ian Dixon on sax and keyboards, Julia Thornton on percussion and Sarah Brown on vocals with 2 other singer/dancers. The concert was flowed perfectly with other songs of Dylan like " Don't think twice, it's all right ", interpreted with piano & harmonica, and classic Ferry originals like " Slave to love " or "Love Is The Drug" Without losing its air of cool, Ferry lead the concert with another song of Dylan (" Hard rain's to gonna fall ") and many more Ferry Roxy classics, this 3000 crowd left the venue a lot happier than on arrival. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue/Sign Of The Times/Can't Let Go/Ja Nun Hons Pris/Fool For Love/Oh Yeah/Out Of The Blue/Don't Think Twice, It's All Right/Both Ends Burning/Tara/A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall/Slave To Love/Dance Away/Virginia Plain/Jealous Guy/Let's Stick Together/Love Is The Drug/Do The Strand

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