Bryan Ferry By Penny O'Brien Age 7 - Sat 1st Jun

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Bryan Ferry By Penny O'Brien Age 7
01 June 2002

Bryan Ferry In Edinburgh
By Penny O'Brien age 7

On Saturday I went to Edinburgh to see Bryan Ferry with my dad, mum and brother. I had never been to any concert before and dad always pestered me to go so I said only if you take me to Deep Sea World and S Club 7.

I heard dum dum dum di dum. I knew that was Baby Blue as my dad plays it in the car all the time. It was exciting to see Bryan for real as I had seen loads of pictures and videos of him that my dad has. Sign Of The Times was great because we practiced the clapping bits in the car on the journey to the show. Dad says Bryan always does window wiper moves in Can’t Let Go so I watched him and he did do them.

I liked the girl singers on Goddess Of Love when they sung the chorus bits. It reminded me of my dads birthday because it came out that day and we bought it for him. I like the funny bit before Fool For Love but there was nobody singing the bit that sounds like a church lady, it was Lucy who played that bit on the violin. Everybody was clapping and singing Oh Yeah and we sung it too because we knew all the words.

I was bored during Out Of The Blue until Lucy played the violin, I just stared at her because she was fantastic. All the band went off the stage for a cup of tea during Don’t Think Twice and left Bryan and the piano man who was very good. All the crowd seemed to like Both Ends Burning, I heard one of the guitar men make a mistake but it was OK.

The saxophone man played a tune that my dad tries to play on the trumpet but he was much better than dad. I stared at the castle when Lucy played the violin because the music sounded how the castle was looking.

Everybody liked Hard Rain and even Bryan because when it was nearly finished he waved to the drummer to keep playing. I stood on my seat and leaned on my mum as I danced to Slave To Love. On Kiss And Tell the three girls with the white clothes were very good at singing. Dance Away and Jealous Guy were good but I had to go to the toilet. When I was in the toilet with my mum all the ladies were singing Let’s Stick Together in the cubicles. Some even sung while they washed their hands and even the cleaner was dancing with her mop.

At the end of Virginia Plain, even me and my brother shouted Virginia Plain!! Bryan just put his hand to his ear to hear us all shout it. They all left the stage and came back only a minute later. They probably didn’t have enough time for a cup of tea. The dancers were really ‘wow’ on Love Is The Drug. They wore huge costumes with big feathers. I forgot to take my feather boa with me. I wish I did because it was the same colour as the feathers. The last song was Do The Strand. I liked when Bryan clapped, some people behind me copied him.

At first I didn’t want to go to the concert but I am glad I did because Bryan was really good, but I think he should get his haircut.

My special bit was when I met Lucy the violin girl, she was really nice. I got my photo with her and her autograph and I really liked her trainers, they were cool.

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