Brussels 10th September 2002 - Fri 13th Sep

Bryan Ferry, Brussels 10th September Ludo A. Segers Good information had given me an edge on buying a ticket for Bryan Ferry's concert in Brussels. The Palais de Beaux Arts, a beautiful Art Nouveau building is usually the home to some of the finest classical music. Renovated a few years ago, it provided a fabulous stage for Bryan's first of two concerts in Belgium. The theatre has rightfully a reputation for one of the most wonderful acoustics on the continent. This evening the stage was extra wired as 'Canal Jimmy', a French language pay TV channel recorded for a TV show to be broadcast at some unspecific later date. The show was recorded in HDTV, assuring top-notch quality. The sound throughout the show was outstanding. Looking around in the concert hall it was remarkable to see three generations in the audience. Bryan Ferry covered an even larger spectre in his repertoire. Bryan has definitely put a different, more personal, stamp on the show and has substantially moved away from the summer concerts that were filled with hit songs divided between Roxy Music and his own repertoire. The concert consists of three main parts. First, Bryan starts out solo on the piano with a stripped down 'The Only Face'. Lucy Wilkins joins in towards the end providing a layer of beautiful violin in an adaptation that is reminiscent of the version 3 years ago. With Colin Good joining on piano, the trio now moved into Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right". Julia Thornton joined the trio on harp for "Falling In Love Again". Discreetly Chris Spedding joins in on acoustic guitar for "Carrickfergus" and finally Ian Dixon provides some wonderful saxophone on "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes". Bryan leaves the stage while Ian Dixon and Colin Good play a fine instrumental edition of "My One and Only Love". Paul Thompson adds a little percussion towards a set of songs that have a kind of 50's atmosphere. The entire band comes on stage and pushes the show forward by several decades. The volume is cranked up substantially as they move vigorously into a fierce rendition of "The Thrill Of It All". Bryan's Dutch fan club delegation make their presence felt as they are in full force in the front row and fire up a rather polite audience with animated dance moves. Fresh material from the 'Frantic' album is next with "Cruel". Sarah Brown lends her beautiful soprano voice to "Ja Nun Hons Pris" followed by 'Fool For Love". The band now shifts into higher gear with an impressive "Tokyo Joe", a recent addition to the show that gets the audience finally moving. Now, the temperature really started heating up. Chris Spedding and Sarah Brown square off nicely during "My Only Love". An extended version of Tara is played with Ian Dixon and Lucy Wilkins with Colin Good, Julia Thornton, and Paul Thompon blowing a breath of fresh air into this beautiful Andy McKay composition. While they play, the singers and the rest of the band disappear from the stage for a change of dress. When they return the show now moves into the third part with "Limbo", followed by "Boys and Girls" with Bryan singing on the piano. He started visibly to enjoy himself after "Slave to Love" waving and smiling at a more communicative audience. The almost mandatory big hits follow: "Jealous Guy" and "Love Is the Drug". Anna Vollands and Katie Turner who had been adding their voices to most of the songs are by now dancing in full bright red gear. They add an almost surreal image to show that most of us will be able to watch on TV one day soon. The end of show comes with a tremendous version of "Do The Strand", a Roxy Music favourite. It rarely sounded better than on this fine September night in Brussels. By now, Bryan had the audience fired up for the encores. Dancing the night away, the band moves from "Let's Stick Together" to two superb new songs from 'Frantic'. "One Way Love" and the superb "I Thought". Mick Green and Chris Spedding are provided with the right playground for a couple of lengthy solos. A very fine song indeed to end the show. Rosie Thomas provided the opening act. She seemed very appreciative of a polite public. Her brother Eric accompanied on electric guitar as Rosie alternated between her piano and acoustic guitar playing songs from her recent CD "When We Were Small". Ludo Segers 12 September, 2002 The Only Face/Don't Think Twice, It's All Right/Falling In Love Again/Carrickfergus/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/My One And Only Love(Instrumental)/The Thrill Of It All/Cruel/Ja Nun Hons Pris/Fool For Love/Tokyo Joe/My Only Love/Tara/Limbo/Boys And Girls/Slave To Love/Jealous Guy/Love Is The Drug/Do The Strand/Let's Stick Together/I Thought

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