Melbourne: Stylish Ferry has still got it - Thu 16th Aug

Melbourne: Stylish Ferry has still got it
16 August 2001

Herald Sun, 17 AUG 2001, By: PETER COSTER

BEFORE the smooth, chromed machine that is Roxy Music slid into
Melbourne last night, frontman Bryan Ferry said the group had not had a bad review.
This is not it. The elegantly-posturing Ferry has a touch of the debauched vampire about him with his slick black hair and glistening teeth, but you suspect he has been nourishing with muesli.
Ferry is 56 years old and it's more than 20 years since he was in Australia doing Let's Stick Together.
On his way home, John Lennon came bounding across a hotel lobby in Tokyo to say how good he thought Ferry was.
Remember Let's Stick Together, it was where long-legged Jerry Hall came out swinging the tail of her tiger-skin dress.
She moved into Ferry's Los Angeles mansion but then moved out again with Mick Jagger.
Maybe she should have stuck with Ferry. The high-stepping baritone with the strobing voice is the epitome of cool. Ferry is the ultimate style-master.

Last night at the Rod Laver Arena Ferry stepped on to stage with most of the members of the original Roxy Music lineup.
It would be difficult to over-emphasise the innovation and musical depth of this band.
There was guitar player Chris Spedding, bassist Zev Katz,
multi-instrumentalist Lucy Wilkins, high-pitched black vocalist Sarah Brown, keyboardist Colin Good, percussionist Julia Thornton, drummer Paul Thompson, reed player Andy Mackay and guitar virtuoso Phil Manzanera.
Ferry appeared in grey leather, white tux and lastly silver sharkskin to sing the polished Dance Away and John Lennon's Jealous Guy.
There were early Roxy Music offerings such as Street Life and For Your
Pleasure. Roxy Music was born of synthesisers and art school innovation, dressed in a London lounge-lizard look that is chic rock.
It will be as smooth 20 years on as it was 20 years ago, though most of the lineup will be amusing their grandchildren by then.
Roxy Music's national tour has played in Brisbane and Sydney and will open in Adelaide tonight before ending in Perth on Sunday night.

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