Langesund Norway - Fri 13th Jun

Langesund Norway
13 June 2003

Reviewd By
Tore Solli,

After a nice harp-intro the first song is The Only Face. Nicely sung. Next is Don`t Think Twice, It`s All Right. The sound of the voice could have come over a little bit better. The same to Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, but a great song, and it swings.

After an instrumental intermezzo, Ferry jumps into The Thrill Of It All. Not a great live song. Then comes Cruel. A great song and a great performance! Then the intro to A Fool For Love comes over nicely enough, but regarding the song itself, as sometimes before, I could have wished hearing the voice more clearly. Virginia Plain is quite a charming track from the earliest period. Fine performance.

Next is Tokyo Joe. A great song, but not a great performance. Then; My Only Love. A great song, but not a great live track, after having heard it live sometimes. The Tara instrumental is one of all the pearls from Avalon, but it`s a minor song, and should remain that. Dance Away has never been of my favorites, but is nicely sung. On Boys And Girls, as earlier mentioned, the voice could have been more up-front.

Then there is Slave To Love. Not a great song, but a great live track! Ferry shows good form, and the voice is as strong as it should be. Then comes Jealous Guy. This is full-blooded Ferry as we love to hear him. The song is greeted with a big roar from the audience. Love Is The Drug is a good performance, although the song itself has never won my heart. The same to Do The Strand.

The band leaves the stage, but comes back again. Then comes Let`s Stick Together. The sax finally shows off, and the voice is as strong as ever. Mr. Ferry is at his Ferry`s best, and the audience loves it! Wooly Bully is a new song that continues in the same mood. A great song and a great performance that too! The band finally leaves the stage, and the audience keeps applauding and whistling for more.

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