Stranded Reviewed by Record Mirror - Sat 10th Nov

Stranded Reviewed by Record Mirror
10 November 1973

Record Mirror, 10th November 1973

The Roxy saga continues. Since the split season we've had a solo album from the now departed Eno, another from Roxy residue leader Bryan Ferry and now a Roxy album too. While Eno's album with Robert Fripp wallowed in self-indulgence and Ferry's stumbled inanely along, Stranded is the Roxy sound almost to perfection. Not quite as commanding an album as their second but the playing of Messrs. MacKay, Ferry and new boy Jobson in particular, has made some improvement. Once again, unusual chord progressions and Ferry's insistence on mood above all have enabled Roxy to join that elite group of bands who can survive a third album. The joke would not be on Bryan Ferry if this album or its single Street life failed to sell as well as Hard Rain.

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