The Thrill Of It All DVD - - Press release - Mon 26th Nov

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The Thrill Of It All DVD - - Press release
26 November 2007


26 NOVEMBER 2007


For all their imitators and admirers, no one has ever successfully cloned the unique and indefinable combination of elements that made Roxy Music one of the most influential bands in rock music history. Now for the first time available, with the release of The Thrill Of It All: A Visual History 1972 – 1982 through EMI Records on 26 November, 2007, fans are given the opportunity to look back at the early career years of a band that combined idiosyncratic experimentation, sophisticated wit and a highly developed visual presentation.

The Thrill Of It All: A Visual History 1972 – 1982 is the definitive Roxy Music DVD, vividly capturing the three phases of the band’s recording career, packed with live footage, much of it unseen in the UK. The DVD follows early Roxy Music’s journey from its very first filmed performance in June 1972 at the Royal College of Art, takes in appearances on the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1972 and 1973 where feathers, sequins and animal prints were de rigeur and shows the band on Top of the Pops performing hit single Virginia Plain: their strikingly eclectic visual image in stark contrast to the sober wear of the TOTP audience! The 1973 performance of Editions of You at the Montreux Golden Rose Festival is a significant rarity, it is the last filmed performance of Brian Eno with the band.

The three tracks on the DVD Disc 1 from the Musikladen TV show filmed in 1974, feature new boy and Eno replacement, Eddie Jobson, a seated Phil Manzanera nursing a broken foot and the band’s first and last live performance of Amazona taken from Roxy’s third album Stranded, which was the band’s first of four UK Number 1 albums. In Love is the Drug, Bryan Ferry’s eye patch was mistakenly taken as a fashion statement, which the moustache and the GI uniform certainly were in the five track segment filmed in Sweden in 1976. Disc 2 sees Roxy Music on the ABBA show performing Dance Away with bass player number 7, followed by the Manchester Apollo concert in 1979 with the advent of the famous Anthony Price red leather suit – the next track is Angel Eyes which was directed by Anthony Price, who also designed the costumes! Track 12 is Jealous Guy, Roxy Music’s only Number 1 single and the band’s tribute to John Lennon, the promo video was filmed in Adelaide whilst on tour. The 1982 Frejus concert, from which four tracks are featured here, was part of the Avalon tour, the band’s No 1 album : no-one knew it at the time, but the fans would have to wait 18 years until they next got a chance to ‘Do The Strand.’

From their earliest steps, Roxy left a massive footprint on British popular culture. Formed in 1971 by Bryan Ferry, Andy Mackay and Brian Eno, the axis was completed with the arrival of Paul Thompson and Phil Manzanera by which time the music press was already buzzing. Their self-titled debut album in the summer of ’72, declared by many then and ever since as the best first album ever, cleared the path for a saunter into the UK top five by the ravishingly stylish first single ‘Virginia Plain’. Before the year ended, Roxy had completed their opening tours of both the UK and US. For once, fans in the industry and in the real world were unanimous: here was a triumph of style AND substance.

Almost everything that happened chez Roxy during the next decade, and seven more studio albums, has become part of the fabric of rock history, from rule-trashing singles like ‘Pyjamarama’, Street Life’ and ‘Love Is The Drug’ to Bryan’s ever-influential wardrobe and those legendary album covers. Three times they topped the album charts during their active lifetime, with 1973’s ‘Stranded’, 1980’s ‘Flesh and Blood’ and their last studio album ‘Avalon’, and it wasn’t long before the compilation album ‘Street Life’ raced to No.1 in 1986 and stayed there five weeks.

The remastered reappearance of the entire Roxy catalogue in 2000, coupled with the rapturous reviews, which the 2001 World Tour engendered, confirmed that the legacy had only appreciated with time. Critics were unanimous in their unequivocal praise: “..literally inimitable”, “consistently cited as influential by modern heroes”, “the experience is more like re-reading a good book”, “..received an ecstatic response from the crowd”, “you forget that they ever went away”.” wonderful art rock and pop”, “Roxy Music surprising us again.”

The Thrill Of It All: A Visual History 1972-1982 is the definitive collection of the early Roxy years and a must have for any music fan:

The Thrill Of It All: A Visual History 1972-1982 is released on 26 November through EMI Music.

Technical Information:
Disc 1
Re-make/Re-model 06/72 - Royal College Of Art
Ladytron 20/06/72 - O.G.W.T.
Virginia Plain 24/08/72 - T.O.T.P.
For Your Pleasure 25/11/72 - Full House
Do The Strand 03/04/73 - O.G.W.T.
In Every Dreamhome A Heartache 03/04/73 - O.G.W.T.
Editions Of You (Live) 29/04/73 - Golden Rose Festival
Pyjamarama 23/01/74 - Musikladen
Amazona 23/01/74 - Musikladen
Psalm 23/01/74 - Musikladen
All I Want Is You 04/10/74 - T.O.T.P.
Both Ends Burning 10/75 - Empire Pool, Wembley
Love Is The Drug 09/10/75 - Supersonic
The Thrill Of It All (Live) 23/01/76 - Stockholm, Sweden
Mother Of Pearl (Live) 23/01/76 - Stockholm, Sweden
Nightingale (Live) 23/01/76 - Stockholm, Sweden
Out Of The Blue (Live) 23/01/76 - Stockholm, Sweden
Street Life (Live) 23/01/76 - Stockholm, Sweden

Disc 2

Dance Away 16/04/79 - ABBA In Switzerland
Manifesto (Live) 6&7/5/79 - Manchester Apollo
A Song For Europe (Live) 6&7/5/79 - Manchester Apollo
Still Falls The Rain (Live) 6&7/5/79 - Manchester Apollo
Ain't That So (Live) 6&7/5/79 - Manchester Apollo
Angel Eyes 08/79 - Promo Video
Trash 1979
Over You 15/05/80 - T.O.T.P.
Oh Yeah (On The Radio) 07/08/80 - T.O.T.P.
Same Old Scene 11/80 - Promo Video
Rain, Rain, Rain 19/12/80 - Rockpop In Concert
Flesh And Blood 19/12/80 - Rockpop In Concert
Jealous Guy 02/81 - Promo Video
The Main Thing (Live) 27/08/82 - Frejus, France
While My Heart Is Still Beating (Live) 27/08/82 - Frejus, France
Avalon (Live) 27/08/82 - Frejus, France
My Only Love (Live) 27/08/82 - Frejus, France
More Than This 04/82 - Promo Video
Avalon 6/82 – Promo video
Bonus Track: The Main Thing 82 – Promo video

Region 0
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Number of Discs 2
Release Date November 26, 2007
Run Time 180 mins approx
Available Audio Tracks PCM Stereo, dolby digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 (on selected tracks only)
Disc Format: DVD-9

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