Oh Yeah (Single review) - Tue 1st Jan

Melody Maker
Roxy Music: "Oh Yeah" (Polydor).

Ye Olde Teutonic record company may be trying to overmilk the wonderful "Flesh + Blood" album by releasing this one. The album has sold by the lorryload, so how much mileage can be gained by culling another single from the collection? If this one doesn't make the Top Five it will be a pity because, in many ways, it's the best single yet. The track starts gently, lulling the listener into a false sense of security but then builds remorselessly. Hypnotic, irresistable. Fabulous chorus. Ferry has never sung better and that marvellously mannered, decadent voice weaves its spell with effortless skill. Insistent, unforgettable.

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