Birmingham: 16th June Thoughts of Birmingham NEC - Sun 17th Jun

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Birmingham: 16th June Thoughts of Birmingham NEC
17 June 2001

Many thank-yous go to Richard Evans who has sent us this review of the first of the two nights that Roxy played in the NEC at Birmingham.

Re-make/Re-model - What an opener - BF behind the piano - Andy and Phil doing their stuff while Lucy Wilkins recreates Eno - individual solos as per the first album - welcome back TGPT

Street Life - one of my faves and great to hear live although I missed the violin solo

Ladytron - lovely oboe intro - Andy and Phil enjoy the mid song duet - TGPT in the driving seat

While My Heart Is Still Beating - always liked this - extended Phil solo

Out Of The Blue - TGPT kicks it off with that famous two beat intro - great solo from Lucy who is an all round lovely

A Song For Europe - nice piano intro from Colin - TGPT smack on with the big beat - Andy solo - just as you would expect - superb

My Only Love - Ferry on piano - Chris blues solo (very nice) - Andy Phil and Chris finish in style

Oh Yeah - a great crowd pleaser

Both Ends Burning - wow - a great version complete with Spedding slide solo - Phil finishes it on fire

Tara - just superb - Andy, Colin and Lucy do real justice to a little bit of class - possibly the highlight

In Every Dreamhome A Heartache - certainly blew my mind - Colin takes organ - Andy back with his little jazzy runs - crowd joins in and Phil blazes away

If There Is Something - arrangement as per first album but with Lucy's
fiddle - a great song with Andy and Phil hitting top form

More Than This - live at last - different key - very nice

Mother Of Pearl - Andy got out his big sax - Lucy got on the organ - phew

Jealous Guy - best version I've heard

Editions Of You - we're rocking now - no duck walk but great solos from Andy Phil and Lucy - Ferry at organ for his.

Virginia Plain - nuff said

Love Is The Drug - Lucy on organ again - Julia and TGPT having fun - one of the best

Do The Strand - jackets off - dancing girls - everyone on top of their game

For Your Pleasure - a stunning and fitting closer

Any fears about this re-union were simply blown away on Saturday at the NEC from the very first piano chord of Remake/Remodel.

The opening salvo of Remake/Remodel, Street Life and Ladytron set the scene for what was going to be a memorable two hours.

The power of the live Roxy hit hard from the off. With TGPT in his rightful place, each song was driven from beginning to end by two powerful hands, two powerful feet, an inordinate amount of feel and a real love for the music.

Sound was good from Block B/Row S and the crowd gave the band a big dose of support. The lady next to my girlfriend nearly blew up when Bryan took his jacket off.

This was a complete band in action, enjoying themselves and their creations and as they say class is permament, form is temporary.

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