Rhianna Kenny

Rhianna Kenny joined Bryan Ferry's band for the 2015 Avonmore Tour

Robyn Hannah Louise Kenny (born 7 January 1983), in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England and professionally known as Rhianna, is an English R&B singer.

Solo career (2002-2004)
She signed a recording contract with Sony Music to record her debut album, Get On. Rhianna was initially successful in the UK and Ireland with her first single "Oh Baby" reaching Number 18 on the UK Singles Chart. However, her second single "Word Love" failed to reach the Top 40 and the third, "I Love Every Little Thing About You" missed the official UK chart altogether. When the album 'Get On' also failed to reach the UK Albums Chart it effectively ended her solo career.
Rhianna subsequently supported Beverley Knight on her 2003-2004 UK tour.

Fleurona (2006-2010)
After her solo career came to an abrupt end, Rhianna formed a band called 'Fleurona'. They played many genres of music such as pop, alternative and experimental. The band did not release any material but recorded a few tracks. Fleurona disbanded for unknown reasons. Their website has since closed down but their MySpace page is still available to view.

Little Fix (2010-present)
Rhianna is now part of a duo named 'Little Fix'. Rhianna and Bill (the co-founder of the band) met on stage and have so far recorded a handful of songs; "Human Love", "Into Your Arms" and "No More Than Now".

Rhianna Kenny is credited on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums