Great to be back..... on the internet.

08 May 2007

Due to some technical hitches has been unavailable the last few days. Everything is now sorted and up and running again. One problem that has occured due to the e-mail alias service is that due to large volumes of spam mail that this will have to be cancelled. Anyone who was given an e-mail address with 'YourName' will have to cancel this address. I can only apologise for this but due to the current spam problems the company that I pay to host and maintain this site has to end this service to protect their own system and websites from their other clients. The Bryan Ferry European tour resumes tomorrow Wednesday 9th May 2007 at the International Centre, Bournemouth. For anyone attending the show in Prague on 14th May, please note that the venue has been changed to Házenkářská hala Slavia - Eden. Tickets for the previous venue are still valid. Leo Abrahams has updated his web diary and discusses his recent appearance with Bryan Ferry at the Rogue's Gallery concert in Brooklyn. BRYAN FERRY TOUR DATES, TICKET SALES & SET LISTS Tour Dates & Ticket Sales Reviews of the current tour can be read here. RECENT NEWS New Dates In London & France Bryan Ferry On Jonathan Ross Show New London & German Date added Bryan Ferry On Later With Jools Holland NEW BRYAN FERRY ALBUM Read all about Dylanesque PRESS ** PRESS I have added some press articles for the new album here. I will continue to add items at this section as they appear.

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