Viva! Re-made and Re-Modelled

26 August 2010

After 2 years, several thousand hours (and probably as much pounds too) and too many 'it will be finished soon' broken promises the new version of has finally got to a stage where it can be opened. There are one or 2 sections still to complete and the site will always be a work in progress and will continually be updated and developed. The site has more or less the same content as the old site but with some new navigation and features.

I would like in particular to bring your attention to the chronology. This takes you through the entire career of Roxy and the solo work month by month and linking to relevant pages on this site or YouTube footage. Each link will appear as a mini page that can be closed down to return to the chronology. With a site this size and amount of information there are bound to be a few errors and spelling mistakes or maybe some links are broken. Please feel free to point these out by e-mail so that I can correct them. If anyone has anything they could contribute to the site like articles, information, scans of magazine covers and pages then please get in touch.

I would like to thank everyone who sent stuff to the original site as their contributions are still there. A special thanks to Robert Jackson who helped with a huge amount of the time consuming stuff that my own work and family life didn't offer the space to do. Without Robert's help the site would still be a year off completion.

Thanks also to Rory Baldwin of Designlike the web designers who did all the clever stuff. Rory took great interest and enthusiasm in the whole project and didn't just see it as just another job.

A special thanks to big Gerry (he knows who he is) for his help 2 years back and without his 'divine intervention' the contents of the old site would have been lost into digital ether forever.

This site has always been an independent site and is completely administrated and updated by myself including the funding for the design, maintenance and technical aspects. 95% of the information on the site comes from the many fans that send in links to information they see on the internet or their local press and I hope this will continue with the aim to keep Roxy Music fans as up to date as possible with the latest news on record releases, TV & press appearances and live dates.

This is a fan site, by a fan for fans. I hope you enjoy using the site as much as all concerned did putting it back together.

John O'Brien

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