100 and counting.

16 November 2013

30th September 1982, I took the 17 minute train journey from my home village of  Croy to Glasgow Queen Street and then a 5 minute walk to the nearby legendary Glasgow Apollo.  I was blissfully unaware that this would be one short trip for a 17 year old to see a rock music concert, but also one giant journey just at its beginning.

Up until that evening Bryan Ferry, Phil Manzanera, Andy Mackay etc , were just a myriad of celluloid artefacts, diamond drawn across the dark mirror of vulcanite, but tonight……… it was the Flesh + Blood.
My memories of that evening (like every show I have been to) are so clear, especially as the band wandered across the stage as ‘India’ blasted out of the PA and into the throbbing pulse of The Main Thing, ….this is it, …..this is Roxy Music. 

 Just as I had got over the idea that that was actually thee Phil Manzanera to my left and Andy Mackay to the right, on comes from the side in his white ‘jaikit’ and crimson cummerbund the guy who would inspire and influence me in so many ways for the rest of my life.

That one wee gig on that evening on the 40+ years recorded on the musical chronology of a career, that as I write, is being given as huge an applause as at any time since 1972 and was the first of many great events for me. I say event because Roxy/Ferry shows have always been an event for me. A trip to a new town or foreign country etc, but most of all to meet up with the many great friendships I have established, and never would have had, if it wasn’t for these shows.

That particular performance back in 1982 was recorded and released as ‘The High Road’ EP, I just didn’t realise at the time how high that road would take me. I now head off on a 10 minute walk from my hotel to Bristol Colston Hall, a significant show for me, but every one of the previous 99 has been significant in its own little way.

Part of this same journey has given me the privilege to work for Bryan and the band at times and play a small part in the history of what has been a huge part of my life, but more  important than any of that is that I walked into the glittery hall of  Glasgow Apollo that Thursday evening  as a fan and tonight, first and foremost,  I will walk into Colston Hall still as avid a fan as ever. …………….looking forward to the next 100 shows.

My first ever Roxy/Ferry  show was 11,551 days ago - so it averages out at 1 show every 115 days, so it’s not that many really.

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