Bryan Ferry In The Studio

27 August 2006

Bryan Ferry has been recording in the studio recently: From "Next was a fantastic 4 day session with Bryan Ferry, recording tracks for an album that Iím not sure Iím allowed to describe in detail, so I wonít. Suffice to say it was done in a splendidly traditional way, with a roomful of musicians actually playing together, live, learning songs on the hop and nailing them within one or two takes. Bryan was demanding, restless, funny, inspiring, driven and altogether rather thrilling to work with. As usual in the studio I ended up drinking far too much coffee (which usually I donít touch) and thus got virtually no sleep for the whole 4 days. Luckily something good seems to happen to my playing when Iím in such a hazy state and instead of getting uptight I can get to the heart of the music better. Unfortunately I look like hell and everyone is worried about me."

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