Happy Birthday Bryan Ferry

26 September 2015

From the ‘70’s to his 70’s

Today is Bryan Ferry’s 70th Birthday and when most men at this stage in life have long retired, Bryan is still working as hard as ever. He will celebrate today in between 2 shows in Germany with no signs of slowing down.

With sell out shows in UK and Europe this year and USA last year is a testament to his relentless desire to perform to his fans and his love of the live stage.

In a recent interview while on tour in Germany he mentioned that after this tour he will be returning to his studio to continue working on new recordings, a hint of more albums to come. As a songwriter and recording artist his impressive back catalogue shows he has nothing to prove but like his live performances, he still has the hunger and desire to create new and fresh material and add to his already extensive, successful and influential canon of work.

From his ground breaking seminal debut album with Roxy Music in the ‘70s and now into his 70’s Bryan Ferry’s Geordie work ethic is evidently still there giving his fans not only plenty to look back on but also something to look forward to

On behalf myself and the many fans who use and visit this site we all wish Bryan Ferry a very happy birthday and that his 70’s will be as fruitful as the 1970’s were for him.

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