Trailer for 'Mighty' Coming Soon

28 March 2019

From BadLittleCookFilms

N O more waiting people ::: Its Thursday 28th April and the time is N O W ! Later T H I S morning we will be releasing a short trailer for Mighty... 🎥

The T R A I L E R will be released on FACEBOOK  first.

Information will also be released on:::


Subscribe to BadLittleCookFilms N O W for the shareable clip which will appear soon after the Facebook post.



This is a little indy film - its Roxy Music's rusty old demo tape (!) instead its taken us 9 years to get this far! To break through - we need you glorious people to share the FB and YouTube links to the moon 🌙 and back.

Let's get it all the way to New York and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, baby!

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