Bryan Ferry To Perform in Brooklyn

28 April 2007

**29th April Update** Bryan's appearance on Swedish TV last night can be seen here. (Fast Forward to 43:35) Bryan Ferry will apear at a benifit concert in St Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn. Bryan Ferry will be part of a bill that includes Lou Reed, Beth Orton & Gavin Friday in the world premiere of Hal Willner’s Rogue’s Gallery Live, a concert of selected pirate ballads, sea songs, & chanteys, from an album born on the sets of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. The album released in August last year included Bryan's recordings of Lowlands Low and The Cruel Ship's Captain You can find more details here. Bryan Ferry will appear on a Swedish talk show called "Stina!" on Saturday April 28th 2007 on SVT 1 at 8:00PM. Bryan will be interviewed by the hostess Stina Dabrowski More details here. (Thanks to Peter Lindquist & Anders Persson for this information Reviews of the current tour can be read here.

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