The Music 1972-2008

Compilation Album - November 2009

The Music 1972 - 2008 is a 3 disc compilation form Phil Manzanera's solo work.

Disc 1 focus's on tracks from Phil's first 5 solo albums and selected Roxy Music tracks that he co-wrote with bryan Ferry. The scond disc is tracks taken form Vozero, 6PM and 50 Minutes Later.

Disc 3 is a DVD featuring a documentary on Phil's career as well as some live footage and promo footage of Phil's solo tracks.



a film by Charlie Targett-Adams



2.Guitar Legends Seville 1991
3.Diamond Head Sweden 1975
4.6pm EPK
5.Guantanamera 1992
6.Fender 50th Wembley 6pm 2006
7.Manzanera Moncada Mama Hue 1991
8.A Million Reasons Why video1989


THE MUSIC 1972-2008

This double CD and DVD set is a compilation of Phil’s solo work as well as key Roxy tracks that Phil co-wrote with Bryan Ferry reminds us Phil’s input to the Roxy canon including the hit singles ‘Over You’ & ‘ Take A Chance With Me’ and some of Roxy’s finest album tracks ‘Amazona’, ‘Out Of The Blue’, ‘Prairie Rose’, Manifesto’ ‘Running Wild’ all placed chronologically with tracks from his solo work and Eno collaborations up until 1982. Disc 2 takes a 17 year jump and bypasses Phil’s work with The Explorers, John Wetton, Sergo Dias, Nowomowa Tania Libertad & his ‘Southern Cross’ album. Disc 2 is compiled  from his last 3 solo albums ‘Vozero’, ‘6PM’ & ’50 Minutes Later featuring Phil on vocals.
The icing on the cake for this release is the annoyingly good DVD with Phil talking about his childhood and career from pre-Roxy through the Roxy years and his solo work until the present day. The reason I say it is annoyingly good is that as I was teased by the segments of rare unseen footage of Roxy that I was delighted to see and it annoyed me in that it has been lying around un-used until now. Let's hope more of this can be released in a fuller form in the future. This closes with more footage of Roxy Music circa 2006 in the studio working on the new album. This is not that same footage as used on the recent BBC documentary. This DVD is a must see for all Roxy fans as well as fans of Phil’s solo work.

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