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Lyrics to Over You

Lyrics to the song Over You as recorded by Roxy Music. 
Oh baby
This is nowhere
Wish I was somewhere
Over you
Your sweet lips
Tell me there's no chance
No more romance
Over you
Oh baby
How can I go on?
Crying so long
Over you
Where strangers
Look for new love
I'm so lost in love
Over you
Some day
Yes it might come babe
When I'll be babe
Over you
And always
Up to that moment
I will try to say
I'm over you


Over You


Over You was the first song to be recorded in Phil Manzanera's Gallery studios. This was the first single to be released (5th May 1980) from Roxy Music's Flesh + Blood album. The b-side featured a re-recorded version of Manifesto and it reached number 5 in the UK charts in June 1980. The Argentinian single was titled 'Sobre Ti'.

The song was played throughout the Flesh + Blood tour but has never been played live since.

Sloan recorded Over You for their album 'One Chord To Another'.

What Phil says:

"In 1979, I had just built my first recording studio and I rang up Bryan and asked if he’d like to check it out. We decided to have a jam together, Bryan on bass and me on guitar with a rhythm box. Within five minutes we had written this track and it reached number three in the charts."

Song Musicians

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