Resolving Contradictions

Studio Album - October 1978

Andy Mackay's second solo album inspired by a visit to China in April 1978 and was originally released on the 'Bronze' label. It was first released on CD by Expression in 1990 with changes on the rear sleeve showing the changes in the Eastern world by changing the pictures with a MacDonalds hat to depict the influx of Western culture.
The 1999 CD re-issue on Andy's Riff Records label had 4 bonus tracks :- Trumpets Near The Mountains/ Skill And Sax (Out Take)
Green And Gold (Out Take)
Theme For TV 1 (Out Take)
Theme For TV 2 (Out Take)

A Song Of Friendship was released as a single with Skill And Sweat used as its b-side.
The artwork had returned to the original 1978 LP version.

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