The Explorers

Studio Album - June 1985

The eponymous debut album by The Explorers who were formed by Phil Manzanera & Andy MacKay with Vocalist James Wraith after the demise of Roxy Music in 1983.

They released four singles during their short career :- Lorelei, Falling For Nightlife, Two Worlds Apart & Venus Di Milo. All were released as 7" and 12" with Loreli, Venus De Milo & Falling For Nightlife having extended mixes on the 12".

The vinyl version omitted Falling For Nightlife and Crack The Whip. They appeared on Terry Wogan performing Two Worlds Apart and Promo videos exist of Lorelei & Two Worlds Apart and they also did a UK tour in 1985.

They recorded a second album which was turned down by the record company and that lead to the demise of the band in 1987. The songs from the second album were released as Manzanera & Mackay and were spread over two albums called "Up In Smoke" & "Crack The Whip" which were released in USA in 1988. These albums also included some of the extended mixes from the Explorers 12" singles and non album track b-sides.

Expression records released the album as Manzanera & Mackay in 1990 and in 2001 they released a double CD called The Explorers Complete.

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