Wembley Remembers Dr. Simon Puxley - Fri 22nd Jun

Wembley Remembers Dr. Simon Puxley
22 June 2001

The first of the three gigs at Wembley, London was as energetic as the earlier gigs in the tour. The only pointer that Bryan might be tired was the continued reduced set of 18 songs.
The order remained the same, but untypically there was a dedication, and this was made to his great friend who died last year, Dr. Simon Puxley.

Bryan said, ?I don?t normally do dedications but this one is dedicated to Simon who helped me write it?, then Roxy played Mother Of Pearl.

During Dreamhome, it felt as if we were drifting down through a long tunnel of buskers. This was due to the individual sounds created by Andy, Phil and Lucy.But the cacophony of nuances blended very well.

The harmonica solo in Both Ends Burning was dropped to allow Chris Spedding?s extended guitar solo to come through.

As to being invited up to the front to dance, it didn?t happen. The front row of seats were right up to the barrier, so there was no mad rush to the front, and everyone was left to just get up and dance in their seat.

Finally, a number of little asides.
Paul Thompson?s drum skins now have PT on them. He must be too modest to write TGPT (The Great Paul Thompson as he is known).

Zef had a trilby on.

Paul King from the band King VH1 presenter was in the audience.

Re-make/Re-model, Street Life, Ladytron, While My Heart Is Still Beating, Out Of The Blue, A Song For Europe, My Only Love, Oh Yeah, In Every Dreamhome A Heartache, Tara, Both Ends Burning, Mother Of Pearl, Jealous Guy, Editions Of You, Virginia Plain, Love Is The Drug, Do The Strand, For Your Pleasure.

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