Brisbane: Fan Review - Sat 11th Aug

Brisbane: Fan Review
11 August 2001

Thanks to Alan (Scotty) for sending this review from Brisbane.

Flying up to Brisbane, a two-hour flight from my home town of
Melbourne, I not only began to feel excited but I also felt vaguely guilty at having spent so much money on flights, concert tickets, taxis etc. etc. I needn't have entertained such feelings. This was worth every cent!!

As expected, Roxy kicks off with Re-make/Re-model following the South Downs intro. Bryan makes his way to the central microphone
-"'s nice to be here in Brisbane...this is Roxy Music".
Street Life follows minus the verse about Harvard or Yale!
Ladytron just explodes with Phil's guitar solo. He absolutely murders the strings, at one stage thrusting the entire body of the guitar so high, that the guitar strap extricates itself from his neck leaving Phil to hold and play whilst coping with a loose strap trying its best to impede him.
Phil won...the strap lost.
While my Heart is still Beating was pretty cool.
Out of the Blue - magnificent with the lovely Lucy starring again.
A Song for Europe - Andy's solo just brilliant and Colin's lovely introduction pure class.
My Only Love...subdued.
Dreamhome - fantastic.
Oh Yeah ...the first song seemingly recognised by a large portion of the crowd.
Both Ends Burning - excellent.
Tara - gorgeous.
Avalon - the disco ball didn't work properly! This version was shortened as Yannick Etienne didn't make the trip. The ending was unfilled and didn't sound quite right.
Dance Away - okay I suppose.
Jealous Guy - hey, the crowd started to warm up about now. Very well recognised and appreciated.
Editions of You - an electrical monster..just brilliant.
Virginia Plain - fantastic but only about three of us yelled out the final line!!!
Encores - Love is the Drug - great.
Do the Strand - they've brought the dancing girls!!
For your Pleasure - it's all been said before. What a classy retreat.
House lights on.....India plays as a crowd of about 4000 head for the bars. The band played a 100 minute set. Slight early sound glitches were overcome rapidly. Bryan's vocals were terrific and TGPT was awesome.
The support act was a young Australian singer, Michelle Bradford Jones ( a cross between Sarah Jessica Parker and a walking/singing Roxy cover girl). I have to say she was pretty good! So was
her singing.

The bloke sitting behind me summed up the show fairly well. I don't know if he was a hardcore fan but when the lights went up he exclaimed," Jesus those guys can play!"
Well said mate.

Setlist (same as Los Angeles 7th August minus Mother of Pearl))

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