Adelaide: Short Review - Sat 18th Aug

Adelaide: Short Review
18 August 2001

The Advertiser (23 August 2001)by Jon Hart

If love is the drug that Roxy Music claims to use, Adelaide fans gave it an overdose last Friday night.

As Roxy Music played its raw and heart-felt, stylish yet sleazy ballads at the Entertainment Centre as part of its 50-date reunion tour, the mostly middle-aged fans were on their feet to farewell the lengendary group of the 70s and early-80s. Already given a double-dose of Viagra lovin`, courtesy of Michelle Bradford-Jones` support (or perhaps no support) act, the Adelaide performance was energetic and passionate.

A collection of colourful backgrounds, lights and video effects created the mood, as the Roxy members` presence took effect about five songs in with Both Ends Burning.

Then came the classics -- Avalon and the band`s cover of John Lennon`s
Jealous Guy , with the pinacle Love is the Drug. Saxophonist Andy Mackay, singer Bryan Ferry, drummer Paul Thompson and the additional seven musicians were at their best.

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