Brisbane: Cut Price Tickets - Sat 11th Aug

Brisbane: Cut Price Tickets
11 August 2001

Brisbane: Cut Price Tickets

Brisbane seemed to forget to advertise the show. For an essentially retrospective show I would think that four or five weeks advertising is inadequate.

The Brisbane entertainment centre was quite empty really. This was despite the fact it was set up its intimate mode: which means, apparently, that the centre is cut down to size.

In Brisbane: tickets were going for half price in the morning before the show. All one had to do was to have their Brisbane Courier Mail newspaper clip-out. Also, tickets were discounted when dining at certain restaurants etc. That was truly bizarre !

Ferry played around with songs and worked ever so hard to get the Brisbanite crowd going.

Being interviewed last night he seemed to prefer crowds who "boogie" to use Mr Ferry's words. He singled out Detroit and Chicago for special mention. He seemed very happy with the tour. Mr Ferry could not stop laughing when the station broke for commercials. They tailored into the advertisements with a four-year old Elvis impersonator !!!

The Sydney show was absolutely brilliant: with Mr Spedding wearing a big arkubra hat. Is that guy coooooool! Mother of Pearl was back in, which made it another great show.

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