Support Act For Australia - Thu 9th Aug

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Support Act For Australia
09 August 2001

Support Act For Australia

The support act was Mishelle Bradford-Jones. She's a local act recently signed to Warners. She played with a 3 piece band (guitar, bass and drums).
She came on at 8pm, finished at 8.30pm; Roxy started at 9pm. She has two singles out presently ("Stay" and "Brave").
It appears that she will be opening for Roxy at all the Australian gigs. Good to see Roxy supporting local talent.

A talent like Mishelle Bradford-Jones doesn’t come along every day: her debut single ‘Stay’ was well received by media in 2000 and her new single ‘Brave’ is currently causing a stir at radio.

Earlier this year Mishelle endeared herself to media and retail alike with her stunning showcase performances along the eastern seaboard, her exuberance and talent creating a memorable occasion for all that were present. Here are some of the reactions:

“As part of the music industry it is easy to become cynical when someone says ‘Here is the next great Talent’, jaded by numerous such events. Mishelle took this cynical crowd and held them with the polish of a practiced performer, a strong voice and genuinely good songs and lyric content. For a debut performance this girl has remarkable presence and depth. “This is the sort of talent that the Australian music industry has grown on. Looking forward to the first album.” - Gavin Ward, Executive Director, Leading Edge Music

“A mesmerising performer, Mishelle Bradford Jones’ beautifully crafted songs captivate the listener from the second she opens her mouth. And yes, she looks like Sarah Jessica Parker!” - Kathy McCabe, Sunday Telegraph

“We came along expecting to see another record company gig and we got a big surprise - a great big surprise!” - Jackie Walker, HMV

“She was so fresh we appreciated the change” - Adam, Sanity Doncaster

“MB-J - all the way!” - Andrew Crampton, Dick Smith Powerhouse

“Mishelle gave an energetic and compelling performance and proves she’s a star. ‘Brave’ sounds like a hit to me.” - Sue Kirkpatrick, Store Manager, HMV Queen Street

“The first time I heard Brave I was hooked. Mishelle has a heap of talent, a great ‘radio friendly’ song and a big future!” - Paul, E.S.P.

You can also hear Mishelle on the new soundtrack for Jennifer Lopez’s latest movie ‘The Wedding Planner’ - a track titled ‘Life Is What You Make It’ also included on her forthcoming album ‘Dragonfly’. Written and recorded in LA with Nick Brophy, a young, up-and-coming producer/engineer (resume includes Everclear and Beck), “Dragonfly” will be released in September this year.

In the meantime watch out for the fabulously lush video for “Brave” directed by Bart Borghesi. You won’t be disappointed.

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