Brisbane: Fan Review from Lindsay - Sat 11th Aug

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Thanks to Lindsay in Brisbane for sending this review straight after the show. "It's good to be back in Brisbane", said Bryan by way of introduction (his last visit being during the Mamouna tour of 95). And Brisbane was pleased to see Roxy again. It was great to hear the band play their way through one great song after another for 1 hour 40 minutes to an almost full house. The highlights for me were Colin Good's introduction to "A Song for Europe", complete with wonderful solarised footage of his flying fingers on the big screen, Lucy's solo on "Out of the Blue", Phil's work on "Ladytron", holding his instrument at impossible angles, Andy's playing on "Tara" and "Ladytron", and Bryan's inspired renderings of "In Every Dreamhome a Heartache" and "For Your Pleasure". No concert is perfect and I was a little disappointed with the somewhat "muddy" sound for the first three songs - Andy and Phil were rather hard to hear. They seemed to get Andy's volume up later, but Phil was never prominent enough for me. Chris Spedding's level, in contrast, was excellent. Also, the security wouldn't let people dance, causing some scenes that distracted from the show. But it was hard to take one's eyes off the stage, with the band, the mesmerising backgrounds of clouds, flames, wax globules and waves, and the blonde brigade who strutted about like four red-feathered peacocks towards the end. Overall, a wonderful show, "but if there is no next time, where do I go?" The setlist is below, missing, alas, "Mother of Pearl" - one can't have everything. Remake/Remodel, Street Life, Ladytron, While My Heart is Still beating, Out of the Blue, A Song for Europe, My Only Love, In Every Dreamhome a Heartache, Oh Yeah, Both Ends Burning, Tara, Avalon, Dance Away, Jealous Guy, Editions of You, Virginia Plain, Love is the Drug, Do the Strand, For Your Pleasure.

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