For Your Pleasure

Studio Album - March 1973

If Roxy's debut album hailed them as one of the most individual and original bands of their time then the second album, For Your Pleasure confirmed that. The album as released on 23rd March 1973 achieving a warmer more organic sound. Like its nocturnal cover art the songs were atmospheric, overlaying the pop art devices of the first album with a more psychedelic treatment and hallucinatory insight. This album is hailed by many critics as Roxy's finest work. The album sleeve continuing the art school trend set by the first album this time depicting Amanda Lear leading a panther into a Limousine with a silhouette of L.A. in the distance. This album reached number 4 in the UK charts with no singles released in the UK (though Do The Strand was released in most of Europe, USA & Japan) The album was promoted with the non album single Pyjamarama.

What Eno Says...

"I think the first album stressed all the things about us that are esoteric, ethereal and spacey, but as far as I'm concerned those things don't come off unless they're anchored to a strong base," and they've generally gone deeper into more limited range of ideas than on the first record. "I think that one of the things that attracted people to the band before was that feeling of dilettantism - a lot of ideas being just touched on but I felt that nothing was really being taken far enough, and this album's got over that to an extent. But really an album's so short there's so many things we want to do, and 40 minutes, isn't a long time to do them. The album might be criticised for not showing enough ideas, but the ideas in there have been investigated much more thoroughly."

Week by week album chart positions.

07/04/1973    7
14/04/1973    4
21/04/1973    5
28/04/1973    5
05/05/1973   12
12/05/1973    8
19/05/1973    9
26/05/1973   13
02/06/1973   16
09/06/1973   26
16/06/1973   29
23/06/1973   30
30/06/1973   36
14/07/1973   26
21/07/1973   29
28/07/1973   19
04/08/1973   25
18/08/1973   34
25/08/1973   35
15/09/1973   28
29/09/1973   33
06/10/1973   29
13/10/1973   37
20/10/1973   36
03/11/1973   38
08/12/1973   43
19/01/1974   43

(27 Weeks Total)

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