Gateway Studios Portland Maine

Gateway Mastering has been used by Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music to master several albums. The entire catalouge from 1972-1999 was re-mastered there by Bob C. Ludwig and released as the remasters series in 1999.

Gateway Mastering Studios started over 6 years ago with the intention of producing the very best sounding CDs in the world. They have always emphasized that outstanding people are the key to their success. Through the efforts of their people, Gateway Mastering Studios has become a leader in the record mastering industry in a short period of time. They have won the prestigious Mix Magazine TEC award every year they have been eligible!

They have built a great sounding mastering room. It is based on the most perfect acoustic ratios with amazing sounding speakers mounted on concrete pedestals that are isolated from the floating floor.

They were the first mastering studio to own a 96kHz/24 bit A/D converter from dCS. They loved the way this high resolution system made digital sound. Their studios were the first to master a commercial CD using the Sonic Solutions 96kHz/24 bit Digital workstation.

Several years ago when Bob Ludwig first heard of the coming DVD format, which for the first time would allow consumers to hear this same 96kHz digital excellence he wanted to be a part of it. They became the first, and to my knowledge still the only mastering studio in the USA, to have a complete, fully operational DVD authoring system which can not only handle 96kHz audio but also Dolby Digital 5.1 surround and do full length motion pictures with subtitles, multi-angle scenes, and multiple languages. We have set-up a specially built DVD authoring room that incorporates the work-flow they have discovered works the best after 2 years of DVD authoring experience. They own two entire DVD authoring systems and use whichever system will best serve our clients needs. They have already made DVDs that incorporate every possible aspect of the DVD specification including dual layer DVDs so we have the experience and know-how to make a great DVD for their customers.

They are proud of the fact that Gateway Mastering Studios has become a leader in the record mastering industry in a short period of time. It is their intention to become a leader in the DVD authoring industry as well, as it is the perfect vehicle for bringing their great sound to the consumer in the most perfect and entertaining way. They hope to accomplish this by always exceeding their customers expectations, challenging the edge of performance and continue building a team of amazing people to lead their industry.

Gateway Studios Portland Maine is credited on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums