Sheer Poetry

01 February 2012

NTH Entities…..Phil Manzanera does music/Anna leDoes Poetry’ : release date: 30 April 2012


Phil Manzanera releases ‘Nth Entities’ on 30 April 2012 on Expression Records. This startingly beautiful album is a collaboration with poet, Anna LeDoes Poetry. It is a collection of nine poems set to original music composed by Manzanera, and has four bonus tracks. The project was seeded two years ago when Phil and Anna had a chance encounter at Gavin Martin’s ‘Talking Music Revolutions: Jimi Hendrix’ at a pub in Hoxton. It was Charles Shaar Murray, music writer and Jimi’s biographer, who having been blown away by Anna’s ‘Jimi’ poem, turned to Phil, and said….’you should set that to music’

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