Lyrics to Sentimental Fool

Lyrics to the song Sentimental Fool as recorded by Roxy Music.


Surely you cannot be leading me on
Well if that's so, oh never again will I love
How could I believe again?
How can I hold on?

Sentimental fool
Knowing that fate is cruel
You ought to forget it
Yes, I know it's true
I've seen what love can do
But I don't regret it

Oh, you silly thing
Can't you see what's happening?
You're better without it
No, that's not the case
If you were in my place
Then you wouldn't doubt it

Sentimental fool
Who broke the golden rule
You couldn't resist it
Though it's all in vain
I'd do it all again
Just to relive a minute

A woman in love
Can make you feel good
You know what you're living for
She'll give you so much
And keep you in touch
With all that's worth living for

Oh once she gets in
Through thick and through thin
She'll show you what living's for
The rhythm of love
The rhythm of love
It must go on
Can't stop

The beat of your heart
Is like a drum. Will it stop?


Sentimental Fool

Album Track

This Bryan Ferry composition opened up Roxy Music's Siren tour in 1975 with Bryan Ferry still off stage during his vocal entry. He walks on from the wings as he sings the line "How can I hold on?". Probably one of the most dramatic entrances Bryan has made on tour.

The song was not performed live again until the UK leg of the 2011 tour, one of the highlights of that tour.

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