Lyrics to While My Heart Is Still Beating

Lyrics to the song While My Heart Is Still Beating as recorded by Roxy Music.


All of those people
Ever so needing
Where's it all leading?
Tell me where
Nothing insincere

I'd better have pity
I'd better go easy
I never will lay down
While my heart is still beating

Where's it all leading?
Walk on air
Am I still dreaming
Where's it all leading?
Words to spare
Lost in their meaning

I'd better be strong now
I'd better stop dreaming
My heart has flown away now
Will it never stop bleeding?



While My Heart Is Still Beating

Album Track

While My Heart Is Still Beating had a working title of 'Epiphany' during the recording sessions. This track written by Andy Mackay and Bryan Ferry has been played live on three tours :- Avalon 1982, Bete Noire 1988 & the reunion tour 2001. A live version from 1982 can be found on the album, Heart Still Beating album and on Bryan Ferry's The Archive And Live Collection (Glasgow 1988.)

What Andy says:

"The later Roxy recordings had a particular polish and precision. Heart Still Beating turned out to be one of the most beautiful of the songs Bryan and I wrote together, the uncertain shifting chords and sparse percussion letting his voice float as cool as glass."

Song Musicians

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