The Complete Roxy Music

Studio Album - August 2012

The Complete Roxy Music is a box set released to celebrate the 40th Anniversarry of the year of band's debut album, single and tour.. The box set includes all 8 studio albums as well as the 3 non album singles, b-sides, alternative single mixes and extended mixes released on their singles during the life of the band as a recording band 1972-1982.

The track listing compiles together for the first time the entire contents of the 8 studio LPs, and the 7" singles & 12" singles they released in one complete and concise CD Box Set for the first time.

(Release Date 6th August 2012)

The Complete Studio Recordings 1972-1982 includes each of the eight ‘Roxy Music’ Studio albums on CD
- Roxy Music
- For Your Pleasure
- Stranded
- Country Life
- Siren
- Manifesto
- Flesh And Blood
- Avalon
Each album has been taken back to its original form. Audio 2012 flat transfers from the original analogue master tapes, ensuring the audio sounds truer to its original LP sound.

The debut album 'Roxy Music' is as per the original release without Virginia Plain  and 'Manifesto' album has the original release track list with the rock version of Angel Eyes and the ballad version of Dance Away

packed with tracks never available on CD before.

Track by track information on the Bonus Tracks can be found here.   

The track listing below is for the 2 bonus discs. Click on each track for details of its original origin.

Album Track Listing

Album Musicians & Credits