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Studio Album - November 1974

Roxy Music's fourth album was released 22nd November 1974 and reached number 3 in the UK album charts. This album made as much headlines for its risqué sleeve as it did for its music. The sleeve showing two semi naked females (Constanze Karoli and Eveline Grunwald) was controversial for its time. The album had to be shrink wrapped in USA and even some countries had alternative versions of the cover photo showing only the a close up of the girls faces and some issues had just the background foliage only. The French version was released as a gatefold sleeve like the 3 previous Roxy Music albums.
The album spawned the UK #12 hit All I Want Is You and USA released an edited version of The Thrill Of It All as a single both with the drummer Paul Thompson's only composition for the band, Your Application's Failed as a B-side. Other stand outs were Out Of The Blue showcasing Eddie Jobson's fine violin playing and the the Germanic ballad Bittersweet.

What Bryan Says...

The record itself, he says, "is much better than the last album . . . but then I say that with every album. I think, though, that the playing has showed a marked improvement and we've got some interesting textural collages. 1 think too that it's a more direct album than the last."

Week by week album chart position

30/11/1974   3
07/12/1974   5
14/12/1974   8
21/12/1974  13
28/12/1974  13
04/01/1975  20
11/01/1975  24
18/01/1975  41
25/01/1975  22
01/02/1975  36

(10 Weeks total)

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