Lyrics to Casanova

Lyrics to the song Casanova as recorded by Roxy Music.


You, the hero
So many times you've loved, and didn't linger
Now my finger points at you, another loser
You, an island on your own
Complete in every detail
Monumental a precious jewel
Or just a fool

Innovator, it's in your mind
And blood I watch it simmer
I see you're courting more despair
No hope, not a glimmer
Now you're nothing but second hand in glove
With second rate now
Now you're flirting with heroin
Or is it cocaine?

Casanova, is that your name
Or do you live there?
I know my place is here with you tonight
But not together



Album Track

This song was recorded for the Roxy Music album Country Life. This version had a heavier guitar & drums feel to it with the vocals having a more aggressive vocal approach. The song was re-recorded by Bryan Ferry in 1976 that had a less dynamic feel with jazz tinged sax work. This version seems to be Bryan's preferred option for his live performances. He did it this way on Roxy Music's 1979 tour and included it in his 1988, 1994 & 1999 tours.

Song Musicians

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