Perth: Fan Review from Sarah - Sun 19th Aug

Perth: Fan Review from Sarah
19 August 2001

Thanks to Sarah for this Roxy comparison.

Perth was just so Roxy. Great concert. Saw them June 17th Birmingham NEC so I was doing a bit of a comparison. The crowd I thought in Perth were a bit slow on the uptake and weren't that sure of some of the back catalogue of songs. Interestingly enough I am pretty sure they didn't do "Mother of Pearl" and pretty sure they did "More than This" in Birmingham.

Bryan got everyone to stand up after the first couple of songs in Birmingham but didn't entice the audience to do the same in Perth. Not sure on what was allowed or not with the venue people but my friend and I did make our way down the front (we were seated in the lounge area) towards the end for the likes of Jealous Guy, Editions of you, Virginia Plain, Love is the drug, Do the Strand and the big goodbye For your pleasure.

I did notice that when it got time for, "and what's her name?" there didn't seem to be that much crowd participation in responding, "Virginia Plain". It also makes me wonder about whether people get confused between what is Roxy Music and what is Bryan Ferry. Someone did say that they were disappointed that they didn't do "Lets stick together". Well, do I really have to answer that one?

Not sure what was wrong with the sound at the Entertainment Centre in Perth but there was clear distortion with some of the speakers which spoilt things a bit. Also too was the actual loudness as I felt it was a bit on the quiet side.

Overall, I enjoyed the evening. I particularly liked being able to dance when I got the opportunity to get down the front. The songs were great, as the musicians are very good. Paul Thompson, clearly outstanding as was Lucy Wilkins with the synth, pedals, violin. Chris Spedding is a real talent which is too obvious to say but is one of the best guitarists there is. Colin Good so good at his craft was very special once again. It always helps to be classically trained. Zev Katz on bass humming away providing heartbeat to the group.

The dancers for Both ends Burning were great and so too the ladies in feathers, "La Cage Aux Faux".

Byran spoke occassional words on "My only love" and then went on to sing as he sat by his keyboard. Avalon was a bit spoilt by cutting it short where Sarah Brown could have reached the high range on vocals.

I liked the intro to the concert with the pre-recorded "South Downs" but am still firmly convinced that "LadyTron" should be the opening track as it has the most atmospheric intro ever especially played live. I have a copy of a live version on a Bryan Ferry boxed set which is an absolute favourite of mine.

Well done Roxy Music. I very much enjoyed the concert in Perth and that too of the Birmingham night. I suppose if you see several concerts you do the old comparison thing but that's what makes them all so unique.

Well done Bryan. He always looks smashing and is a sheer delight to watch. Classical artist who moves and seduces. Haven't said much about Phil and Andy but what can you say about a couple of guys whose manner is so understated.

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