Lyrics to Re-make/Re-model

Lyrics to the song Re-make/Re-model. as recorded by Roxy Music.

Words & Music By Bryan Ferry

I tried but I could not find a way
Looking back all I did was look away
Next time is the best time we all know
But if there is no next time where to go
Oh oh

She's the sweetest queen I've ever seen (CPL593H)
See here she comes see what I mean (CPL593H)
I could talk talk talk talk talk myself to death
But I believe I would only waste my breath
Woh oh




The inspiration for the song title was from a pop art painting called Re-think/Re-entry by Derek Boshier in 1962. The song has been performed live on several tours and was filmed as a project for art students which became the first Roxy promo video. The lyrics featured the unusual chant of a car registration number CPL 593H.(a Surrey registration).
The song was re-recorded by Bryan Ferry and used as the B-side to his solo single 'You Go To My Head' and was included on his Let's Stick Together album.

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