Roxy Music - Deluxe

Studio Album - February 2018

Roxy Music  released a deluxe edition of their debut album on 2nd February 2018

The album is available in 2 formats; a four disc deluxe edition with 3 audio and one DVD. as well as a 2 disc version which will include discs 1 & 3 from the 4 disc version.

The 4 disc version includes a 132 page book with many unseen and rare photographs and other items from the Roxy Music archive. the 2 disc version has a 24 page booklet. Both versions contain an essay by Richard Williams who did the first ever interview with Roxy in 1971.

Disc 1 is the original album plus the single Virginia Plain (1999 Bob C. Ludwig Re-master)

Disc 2 includes for the first time, the original 1971 demo tape recorded in April/May 1971 as well as out takes and alternative versions of each song from the album.

Disc 3 includes the John Peel radio sessions and a live show from the Paris Theatre London, all originally  broadcast by the BBC in 1972 and now officially released for the first time.

Disc 4 is a DVD and includes TV appearances, previously unseen footage of Roxy music at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris 26th November 1972 and 5.1 surround sound mix of the original album by Steve Wilson.

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The gems within this deluxe edition are the first recordings Roxy made. These tracks were recorded in a flat in London before Paul Thompson & Phil Manzanera had joined the band. Dexter Lloyd played drums with Roger Bunn on guitar. Read Richard Williams 1971 review of the tape here

The studio out-takes give an amazing insight to how the album was developed and recorded with some great alternative takes of each song on the album.

The BBC sessions get their first official release and the gem on the DVD is footage from the Bataclan Paris, the only known footage from a show on the first Roxy Music tour.

The booklet has many unseen photos from shows, rehearsals, backstage etc as well as many other items from the Roxy Music archive

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