Lyrics to The Bob (Medley)

Lyrics to the song The Bob (Medley) as recorded by Roxy Music.

I dreamed last night about your face
Your star shone all night
Over the moon it shone brighter
Star shining so bright

You were so pure not for this world
So gentle and light
How could I hear their stories
They told me not right?

Too many times beautiful
Too many times sad
Too many times wonderful
Too bad

But when the party was over
And all was quiet and still
We walked together in the moonlight
And looked down over the calm lake
Hand in hand, the stars in our eyes

So in my dream you still loved me
Gave time reason last night
But this was only life's story
Made simple that's right

The Bob (Medley)

Album Track

The song takes its title from The Battle Of Britain with the sound of gunfire and explosions from the battlefields throughout the instrumental refrain. The John Peel BBC sessions recording opens with the sound of air raid sirens recorded 21st January 1972.

It was performed live regularly during the early years but as the reportoire increased the song has never been performed since early 1973

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