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Lyrics to To Turn You On

Lyrics to the song To Turn You On as recorded by Roxy Music.


I could show you any world
If I wanted to
A window on a world
With a lovely view
From close up inside a single room
With an open book aside
Like you read in school

It's so easy, believe me
When you need fun
I'd do anything to turn you on
Anything to turn you on

Is it raining in New York
On Fifth Avenue
And off Broadway after dark
Love the lights don't you?
I could walk you through the park
If you're feeling blue
Or whatever

Spring Summer whenever
Winter through Fall
I'd do anything to turn you on
Anything to turn you on

I would leave you as you were
If I wanted to
Then I wonder is it fair?
Now you're on your own
Who cares about you
Except me, God help me
When things go wrong

I'd do anything to turn you
Must phone me, you know me
When things go wrong, I'd do anything to turn you on


To Turn You On

Album Track

This track started it's life during The Bride Stripped Bare period. Bryan Ferry finished the track in 1980 and intended it for a future solo album. When John Lennon was killed, Roxy decided to do a tribute single to him and recorded Jealous Guy in 1981. They needed a new song for the b-side and as this song was ready they put it on the single as a Roxy Music track. When Roxy did their Avalon album in 1982 Bryan felt that "this is a quality track and I don't want it to be lost as a b-side."

Bryan Ferry performed this song live for the first time at the Dundee show during the Dylanesque tour on 3rd March 2007.

Roxy Music performed this song for the first time at the Glasgow show during the 2011 tour and kept it in the set for several shows throughout that tour.

Wendi Slaton has recorded a version of To Turn You On on her album 'Turn Around And Look'.

Song Musicians

To Turn You On is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums