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Lyrics to Bitters End

Lyrics to the song Bitters End as recorded by Roxy Music.


At last the crimson chord cascades
To shower dry cordials within
Too late to leap the chocolate gate
Pale fountains fizzing forth pink gin

While destiny begins to fly
The farmyard chorus sings its wake
Upstanding anthem to the sky
Too soon to realise their fate

You were the raven of October (bizarre)
I knew the sign you flew around (bizarre)
Up in the air so high above me
Never needed to look down

I never thought I'd be a rover
I didn't even look around
But now I know you've found another
So will someone please find me

Give now the host his claret cup
And watch madeira's farewell drink
Note his reaction acid sharp
Should make the cognoscenti think


Bitters End

Album Track

The closing track to the Roxy debut album with it's middle 8 chant 'bizzare' seemed to sum up the initial impact of the first listens to this album in 1972. An album way ahead of it's time, an album responsible for one of the many turning points in the way modern music is written and recorded.

Bitters End was performed live for John Peel on the BBC sessions 23rd June 1972. This is one of the few live performances of the song.

This song was covered by Venus In Furs for the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack.

A version of this song was recorded by Andy Mackay & Paul Kimble for the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack.

What Bryan Says.....

Only two songs on the album - Would You Believe? and 'Bitter's End' - really use elements of Fifties and Sixties music. And Bitters End is quite serious - there's the ambiguity of the doo-wopping singers in the background, which gives people a certain image, against the words, which are strange and not at all the kind of thing you'd usually find in that musical context.

Song Musicians

Bitters End is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums