Lyrics to Boys And Girls

Lyrics to the song Boys And Girls as recorded by Bryan Ferry.


I'm a stranger in your town
That's the place I belong
Laid behind the frame
And the curtain's torn again
A wailing saxophone
You know it's all in my song
All the sin that I can take
But you don't even know my name

(boys and girls)
(boys and girls)
(boys and girls)

You've got no sense of fun
But you know I've one
All the good has turned to bad
And you know what I think of that
No time to dream
No time to sigh
No time to kill
When love walks by

And who's that crying in the street?
Death is a friend I've yet to meet

(boys and girls)
(boys and girls)
(boys and girls)
(boys and girls)


Boys And Girls

Album Track

The title track to Bryan Ferry's 1985 Boys And Girls album was featured on the UK TV show 'The Tube' in 1985. The show featured Paula Yates being chauferr driven by Bryan Ferry to a stately home where she interviewed designer Antony Price. Bryan said that he used this song as the title track so that people would be drawn to it as he felt it was the least accessible song on the album.

The song was first performed live at Live Aid in 1985 and was performed throughout the Bete Noire tour in 1988. A live version from Glasgow 10th December 1988 was included on "The Archive And Live Collection" 1993.

Song Musicians

Boys And Girls is on the following Roxy Music and Solo Albums